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Online Bingo Rules

You like Bingo. Rejoice, it is also played on the Internet. Then you can do it, with real money, where and when you want, at any time of the day and for as much as you want. To fully enjoy your favorite game, in the best conditions, we have prepared a short summary of the rules of online Bingo on the Internet.

The aim of the game

In this board game, each player is given a grid of numbers. As these are drawn, the participants tick their box on their sheet. To win, a player must have checked either all the numbers in his grid, or a particular combination, or a number of numbers imposed by the variant of the game. He then announces “Bingo! And the game ends. Of course, a check is made before the prize is awarded to the lucky winner.

Internet gambling

In virtual online bingo rooms, the numbers are displayed one after the other on a board. There are several variations of the game, online. They differ in the nature of the room, the number of numbers to tick, their announcement speed and the number of grids offered to participants. It is therefore recommended that you carefully read the rules of the venue where you are about to play. However, each time, participants buy their grids before the game begins.

If two players, having completed their grid, announce online Bingo at the same time, they must share the winnings. Rest assured, all venues offer attractive payouts and promotions are common. Although bingo is for all age groups. To do this on the Internet, you must be of legal age (see legislation and regulations).

The different variations of the game

There is the “coverall” mode where the player must succeed in filling his entire grid. This objective allows him to win the game. There is also 75 ball bingo. This variant of the game is very popular in the United States. The player starts by buying a grid. The latter has 5 columns and 5 rows, as much as the number of letters in Bingo. The player therefore chooses 25 numbers among the 75 existing ones. The draw is made from a grid of 5 columns each containing 15 balls and a letter of the word online Bingo.

There are approximately 6000 possible combinations which can be, for example, a set of numbers inscribed in a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line. The player decides whether his grid includes the winning pattern that differs in each game. To prevent errors, combat inattention, enhance participant safety and simplify their lives, the boxes can be checked automatically, just like the Bingo announcement.

So, unlike real online Bingo, you don’t have to be constantly listening, no more careless mistakes, you can also win by doing something else. Finally, let’s take a look at 90-ball Bingo, particularly popular with the English. For this variant, the player must buy cards each comprising 6 tickets which constitute the real Bingo cards and which contain 9 columns and 3 rows each.

This version of Bingo uses the numbers from 1 to 90. They are written on the players’ cards where 4 out of 9 boxes have no number. There are 3 models of winning combinations. You must have 1, 2 or 3 horizontal lines. The object of the game is to succeed in forming one of these models as the numbers appear.