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History of Video Poker

Among the various games that can be found in casinos, whether land-based casinos or online casinos, video poker is a particularly popular game. Using the same rules of the game as poker, it is a game whose history is well worth knowing.

At its origins

Among the various machines that are used for gambling, the machine that allows you to play poker is certainly the most adored and has been going on for many decades. As it is easy to guess, poker is played according to the same principles that are used to play poker, the card game so popular in casinos. The history of video poker really begins in the 1880s. In its early days, video poker was not yet computerized. Like the slot machine, it was a somewhat archaic machine that featured reels and was played with coins. Players have been able to experience the pleasure of video poker since the end of the nineteenth century. And that was just the start.

Slot machines with the “chip”

With the era of microcomputers, the poker machine is innovated to provide a much better game for players. At first, players could just hope for a good hand. They weren’t earning money but rather cigarettes and drinks. Little by little, the game evolves and two very innovative functions appear at the beginning of the last century. It was Charles Fey who took the initiative.

Since then, players can draw new cards or keep their hands, thanks to the “hold” and “draw” functions. Players no longer have to wait for the lucky stars to smile at them, they can now bring in a bit of strategy. The first poker consoles worthy of the name emerged in the 1970s. Players found themselves in front of a real screen and began to enjoy some sound effects.

Today’s video poker

Today, new technologies continue to experience breathtaking progress. Gradually, the players were able to familiarize themselves with the game as it is today. As soon as the Internet first appeared, poker was among the very first games to be integrated on the web. Indeed, of all the games, it can be said that this is the one that lends itself the best to online play.

Since poker has been around, players have always opposed the machine and it is exactly the concept that is most appealing to online technology. Currently, poker is one of the most played games in online casinos. Players particularly like the dose of chance and the fact that they don’t measure up against real opponents. You could say that they measure up to luck.