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History of Craps Gambling

Since the beginnings of mankind, the dice have been played. These were made from animal bones or from pieces of wood like oak. Evidence of the existence of this game of chance during Egyptian antiquity 4600 years ago has been found. It may mean that craps gambling originated in the Arab world. Over two millennia ago, Roman soldiers used pig’s nails to throw them in a game called “bones.” This is how from the pig bones we came to the game of craps.

The ancestor of Craps: the game of chance

Craps gambling is one of the most popular games in land-based casinos but also in virtual casinos. According to legend, it comes from a very old game called “chance”. In 1125, a Crusader commander named Sir William of Tire and his troops laid siege to a castle named Asart or Hazarth.

Its name was given to the activity the soldiers engaged in during this time, a game of chance. Currently, the word chance means chance, risk. Experts still claim that the game of chance originates from an Arab game “al azar” meaning “dice”. The game was then taken to Europe by merchants even before the 12th century.

Craps craps in the 17th and 18th centuries

Very quickly popular in Great Britain, the game of Chance spared neither the taverns nor the posh gambling halls of high society. Many aristocrats were followers of Chance. The French were also not left out when it came to this game, which they quickly adopted.

To distinguish it from English, they named it “crabs”, a word defining a state of defeat in the game of Chance, when a player falls on a 2. The “crabs” contracted in “Craps” was exported to America by the French or British pioneers. It was brought along the coast and south to become a very popular activity like poker.

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A great boom in the 19th century

New impetus was given to the game when John H. Winn, the father of modern Craps, made Craps gambling simpler and designed a modern version of the game originally known as the “Philadelphia Layout”. It was Winn who brought in the “pass” and “don’t pass” bets, as well as the “Big 6 and 8”.

It is again thanks to him that it is possible to place a bet against the “shooter”. He is responsible for the Craps rules that are currently used in contemporary casinos, both real and online. This modern version has ended the use of rigged dice and made craps more popular.

A game that has gone global

It was during the 20th and 21st centuries that Craps gambling became world famous, especially after World War II when soldiers played it for fun between battles. There are currently only a few places that are unfamiliar with Craps. Seen in the movies, he has only gained more notoriety. Nowadays, several million players are followers of Craps online … see hitch!